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  • Itiurl is URL shortening service you get replaces long URL to very tiny - You can earn money by showing ads when users click on shortened links.

  • Itiurl provides also full information about your links you see link statistics, traffic sources, clicks, and countries. Go to my account after log in then manage links/ all links/ stats.

  • Itiurl provide many methods to get your money you can choose any method like;


Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payeer, and Vodafone Cash.

  • itiurl counts 1 visit per IP every 24 hours.
  • itiurl have highest payout rates in the market you can earn up to 160$ /10000 visits.
  • itiurl send your money after you get only 1$.
  • itiurl send your money after 4 business days you can make withdraw request anytime.
  • itiurl have referrals system refer friends and receive 15% of their earnings for life!
  • Api tools.

Quick Link: Everyone can use the shortest way to shorten links with itiurl.

Mass Shrinker: Enter up to 20 URLs (one per line) to be shrunk and added to your account.

Full Page Script: If you have a website with 100’s or 1000’s of links you want to change over to short then tool will be helpful for you.

What is itiurl.co?

itiurl.co is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free, you get paid! So, now you can make money from home, when managing and protecting your links. Register now!

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